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    Self Storage Near Collingwood Park, Greenwood Village, Redbank Plains.
    Postcode 4301

    Great Quality 24/7 Secure Self Storage.
    Clean, Dry, Drive Up To Storage.
    No Stairs Or Lifts.

    Self Storage Near Postcode 4301

    Office Opening Hours Open 7 Days 5:00am - 8:00pm - Storage Access 24/7

    Bob's Self Storage Dinmore Is Near To:-

    Collingwood Park 6 Minutes

    self storage near collingwood park


    From Dinmore To Collingwood Park

    As the crow flies = 3.865Km

    Distance by land transport = 7.738Km

    This road journey will take 0 hours and 6 minutes

    How to get to Dinmore from Collingwood Park Click Here

    Greenwood Village 7 Minutes
    Redbank 4 Minutes
    Redbank Plains 8 Minutes

    Choose a storage solution that's right for you

    Bob's Self Storage is just minutes away for residents of Collingwood Park, Greenwood Village and Redbank Plains. It offers affordable and convenient options to manage all types of personal effects. We can help you choose and reserve the perfect unit to suit your needs and create more living space today.

    Collingwood Park and surrounding suburbs endure hot and humid conditions in summer and a cold and damp climate in winter; this can pose challenges to stored items. Our dry and mould-free storage units are ideal to safeguard your belongings.

    Read more about protecting your items when storing


    Great Value Storage that's just around the corner from where you live!

    We provide new shipping containers as affordable, quality storage solutions. Our units protect your belongings from the elements and are ideal for moving, decluttering, or business needs. We're all about affordability, quality, and easy storage. Don't pay extra with a more prominent storage provider; we offer the lowest prices!

    Benefit of a drive-up storage unit

    The main benefit of renting one of our storage units is the easy drive-up access; it's convenient, allowing you to pull up to your unit without any bother. Unload your items and go!

    Bobs's storage options are shaped to meet your requirements. Enjoy access to your storage space 24/7. Book online or call the office today. Short and long-term rates are available to ensure you receive the best deal!

    Self Storage near Collingwood Park, Redbank Plains & Greenwood Village

    open air storage space

    $175.00 Per Month

    Vehicle /Trailer

    15m². Open air storage, Drive up access.

    one quarter storage shed

    $200.00 Per Month

    1/4 Shed

    6.4m² 16 cubic meters. The size of a small bedroom, Drive up access.

    ten foot storage container

    $275.00 Per Month

    10ft Container

    7.6m² 16 cubic meters. Half the size of a single car garage. Drive up access.

    half garage storage

    $220.00 Per Month

    1/2 Garage

    6.4m² 16 cubic meters. The size of a small bedroom, Drive up access.

    three quarter garage storage

    $242.00 Per Month

    3/4 Garage

    9.7m² 25 cubic meters. 3/4 the size of a single car garage. Drive up access.

    twenty foot storage container

    $349.00 Per Month

    20ft Container

    14m² 33 cubic meters. The size of a single car garage. Drive up access.

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